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Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: MGP too much of a grind. MGP too much of a grind Getting 1 million for Fenrir mount, then another million for Cloud, then Setzer glamours etc etc etc just makes the grind years long Luck with the lottery and patients.

These things were not meant to be obtained in the first week of release. Don't think it should be handed out on a silver platter to everyone. The items are worth more that way. I manage to get 14 wins in 10 min 05 sec against Indolent Imperial.

mgp grind ffxiv

That's MGP of net profit. Doing the maths for 1, makes it equal to hours and 22 minutes. For people without a job or a family to attend to, that can be done in about 10 days. Everyone gets a trophy. Every gamble in real life?

I've been grinding Powerball going on some 20 years and have yet to reach 1 million won, heck I would take at this point. Grab a helmet and get in line with the rest of us. Originally Posted by Starrywisdom. Originally Posted by Spawnie. Honestly wasn't there another way they could have done that?

Why not a ridiculous amount of Guild Seals. Or Tomes. Or actually have made a quest that brought Jadaline back into the picture with him searching for "New inspiration". Heck even triple triad is so colossally rigged to make winning nieh impossible with out spending dozens if not hundreds of hours trying to break the 30 card threshold. And even then that just improves your chances on a lot of opponents to "Possible" vs "No way in hell".

Like with Rowena, there is no way in hell to beat her with out having a hand full of two cards and preferably a 4 or 5 card to even the playing field. Cost to obtain everything; let's say we put it at a meager 2 mil which is actually a few hundred thousand short - at minimum.

But yea; totally 'everything in a month'. Basic math escapes people on this forum. Last Jump to page:. Version 1. Kulinarische Kreationen Der 3. Tags for this Thread gold saucer mgp.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. I'm trying to collect triple triad cards and was wondering the best way to grind MGP. That Cloud Card is pricey. But this was from 2 years ago, so I wonder if there's better options now. Showing 1 - 12 of 12 comments. Originally posted by nish :.

That's the best way to see which line could be the best option. Last edited by lolicon09 ; 15 May am. Jethro View Profile View Posts. Last edited by Jethro ; 15 May am.

Last edited by nish ; 15 May am. Player 2 View Profile View Posts. Pretty much what the person above said, fashion reports when you're a high enough level give out about 80, mgp and doing the weekly gold saucer challenges in your challenge log rewards you with a nice amount. The cactpot solver might help you win big but it's just guessing what has the best odds rather than showing you a sure thing.

When playing minicactpot, just be on the look out for a row of and have a secondary goal of trying to get as they are both the highest paying payouts. The chocobo races also pit you up against npc's more often than not due to very few players actually doing it. Originally posted by Player 2 :. Elazul View Profile View Posts.

I was able to get 1.Gil is one of the easiest currencies to farm in FFXIV and truthfully with it being as easy as it is, you would assume that MGP would be a bit easier to farm. While there are a number of ways that you can get MGP, including games at the Gold Saucer, Triple Triad Matches and various GATEssome of them are going to give you a higher yield and some of them are going to be less fun than others.

By far one of the best ways to optimize your time playing FFXIV is by doing your weekly challenge logs. Challenge Logs are split up by different categories including things like Beast Tribes, Retainers, Eureka and of course the Gold Saucer. Now, the thing about the Gold Saucer challenge logs is that some of them give a much higher yield of MGP than others. The Gold Saucer related challenge logs are as follows. If you do the bare minimum and lose at everything you can get around 55, MGP.

I personally do a lot of my MGP challenge logs while watching Netflix on a second monitor or while getting some work done. Earth Time. The lowest yield for the Jumbo Cactpot is 1, MGP, however, the rewards scale based on the number of tickets bought.

The Fashion Report was a part of the Gold Saucer I was completely unaware of for months of playing the game. At first, when my partner told me about it I was intimidated by the name and thought that I would have to spend a whole lot of Gil in exchange for getting MGP, however, this is the furthest thing from true. Most Fashion Reports will only require you to dye pairs of clothing or to purchase vendor glamours for an easy 80 points, which gives you the highest reward.

As I did in high school…. You can get judged four times by the Masked Rose and you will receive the rewards you missed out on!

The Mini Cactpot costs 10 MGP to participate in and will provide you with a 3 x 3 square with one number revealed. You will be given the opportunity to reveal three other numbers to help you make the choice of which line you will scratch.

You will then be given a reward based on the sum of all the numbers in the row that you have selected. While rewards are not guaranteed, the Mini Cactpot is an extremely low-risk game that can give you quite a high yield.

So, what does that mean? In under Minutes, you will be able to get a minimum of 27, MGP per week from your challenge logs. Late to the Party Finder has a great in-depth guide that talks about all of the GATEs and what the skill level required for each are.

One of my favourite things about FFXIV is the fact that there is so much side content that you can participate in while you wait for the queue to pop.

Now, there are only two mini-games that I find worth it in the whole Gold Saucer and they can be found in Minion Square. I used to have an amazing Chocobo, though I stupidly retired him so I could try to get a breed a better one, but his baby was a POS. What are you hoping to spend it on? Let me know in the comments below! Johnny is a something year old average gamer.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.Though most of Final Fantasy XIV 's hairstyles are available by default, there are a handful that have to be unlocked by other means.

Some of the easier hairstyle unlocks can be done with little effort, but getting them all is a trying and a potentially impossible effort. Below we're going to go over all the unlockable hairstyles in FFXIV and how you can get them, though be warned that Viera and Hrothgar are essentially stuck with their default options!

I took pictures of the front and back of styles I have unlocked on my main, which is a female Lalafell. Note that trial players can unlock most of these hairstyles, save for a few exceptions, but they cannot make purchases on the Mogstation without upgrading their account. The ribbon color on the female version can't be changed, making it tricky to match with some outfits. The male version does not feature the ponytail and is a more sideways cropped cut.

mgp grind ffxiv

This style can be purchased from the scrip exchange in the Firmament for 1, Skybuilder's Scrips. If you don't feel like grinding out scrips, you can also purchase it off the Market Board. This looks the same on both genders. It is an afro, use it well! It looks the same on all characters. Those that undertake the Ceremony of Eternal Bonding will be granted this special style, even the free Promise of Innocence option. This is a short, conservative cut on males and a flowery, conservative bun on females.

It looks the same on both genders. Alternatively, it can be sold and may be found on your server's Market Board. It looks the same on both males and females. This one can be picked up at the Gold Saucer for 30, MGP, and it is identical on males and females.

It's quite long, as you can see above. This style is as popular as it is expensive and boasts being the most robust hairstyle outside of the default options. This can be obtained via Silver-haloed sacks found in Heaven on High or bought off the Market Board if you've got the coin.

FFXIV Unlockable Hairstyle Guide List

This also looks the same on either gender. It looks like the above for females, with males getting a tendril sticking out of the top and a tighter ponytail instead. It looks the same on either gender. This hairstyle is a Mogstation exclusive and is tied to Aymeric's Attire, and there is no way to unlock it otherwise.

A total throwback, Modern Legend looks just like the Fighter hair from the very first Final Fantasy game. This can be purchased from the scrip exchange at the Firmament for 1, Skybuilders' Scrips.

mgp grind ffxiv

You can also buy it on the Market Board. This hairstyle was only available for purchase at the Gold Saucer during the Make It Rain event, which was last seen in This style can be obtained via Bronze-trimmed Sacks found in Palace of the Dead, but if you don't feel like grinding, it's one of the cheaper hairstyles on the Market Board. The only difference between this style on men is they do not have the clip seen at the front above. This is Minfillia's signature hair, and it is only available for females on the Mogstation via her attire.

This is Thancred's signature hair, and it is only available for males on the Mogstation via his attire. This is Y'shtola's signature hairstyle.

Abbigliamento |

This one is also only available on the Mogstation for female characters via Y'shtola's attire. Final Fantasy VII 's Cloud had to be represented here, but his hair was only available during the fan festival. It looks the same on both genders and is appropriately pointy. And that is the end for the current unlockable hairstyles in Final Fantasy XIVas we march on forward to patch 5.The itinerary was very detailed so there was never any questions about where we needed to go and how long it would take.

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mgp grind ffxiv

Filly Turf 3One LinerInto MischiefTodd PletcherSouthwest Stakes 3Jenda's AgendaProud CitizenLarry JonesCaeser's Wish Stakes 3Dream It IsShacklefordBarbara MinshallSchuylerville Stakes 3Kathryn The WiseUncle MoChad BrownCritical Eye Stakes 2018 Pegasus World Cup (G1) Gunnevera has 2018 Pegasus World Cup slot Sharp Azteca wins HRN Horse of the Week in another runaway Sharp Azteca trainer: 'We belong' in 2018 Pegasus World Cup Pegasus World Cup field: Tracking the 2018 contenders Pegasus World Cup hopeful Gunnevera 'strong' in preparations Active Power Rankings Active power rankings are updated each Monday night.

Also visit the Kentucky Derby 2018 contender rankings. Arms Runner Gosh, I hope they find him, if he is missing as reported. Calculator half brother with a lot of potential. A couple of great updates on our boy. Both come from this wonderful site of Horseracing Nation. Thank you Horseracing Nation!.

Coronavirus: juve, 8 stranieri allestero,manca data rientro

Woodbine Race 10: Valedictory Stakes (5:40 p. A such big fields have many traffic problems and then there is the cold: usually at or close to zero, Beware. Lots to evaluate tomorrow, closing day. Will update after scratches are in.

FFXIV MGP Farming [2020 Guide]

Read More Show All 0 Comments Los Alamitos sweep for Baffert as Dream Tree wins Starlet Stakes Dream Tree flourished around two turns, winning Saturday's Grade 1 Starlet. Read More Show All 0 Comments Solomini Solomini, also known as my Derby horse around these parts, won this race fair and square and no one, I repeat, no one is telling me differently.

SolomIni did go in, but the horse on the rail pushed the middle horse over at the same time. I guess they just wanted the favorite to win anyway he could. Revenge will be sweet is all I can say. This is biggest BS ever. Robbed Solomini of a G1. Read More Show All 0 Comments Solomini ABSOLUTE BS!. Solomini won this race!. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!. He ran the 6f. We've learned a new dimension for the Curlins today. Filly Turf 3One LinerInto MischiefTodd PletcherSouthwest Stakes 3Jenda's AgendaProud CitizenLarry JonesCaeser's Wish Stakes 3Dream It IsShacklefordBarbara MinshallSchuylerville Stakes 3Kathryn The WiseUncle MoChad BrownCritical Eye Stakes Race Video Loading Race Video Bayakoa Hcp.

Who are you doing this for anyway.

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FFXIV - MGP Guide / Gold Saucer Guide / MGP farmen

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