What they recount will depend on how old they are currently and the circumstances in which they currently live. Toddlers may have some vague nondescript recollections, but older children will vividly recollect missed milestones that can never be restored. An entire birth cohort of children will have missed seminal events such as middle school, high school or college graduations, senior proms, and sports seasons, that will be indelibly lacking from their memories, their yearbooks, and their Instagram feeds.

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These lacunae in their childhood experiences will assuredly be conveyed to their children, especially as their offspring approach the events they missed. In addition to these direct medical risks, measuring the effects of COVID on children, beyond missing memories and milestones, involves understanding that they are experiencing other adverse effects from the virus and recognizing that those effects will have lasting and yet to be appreciated consequences.

The indirect nature of these effects means children will not, in many cases, attribute them to the pandemic as adults. Perhaps the most profound of these effects involves their psychological and educational well-being. Some newborn children are being separated briefly from their mothers at birth because of concern for vertical transmission, and this separation can adversely affect attachment and breastfeeding. School-age children will recollect their months of distance learning, but they will not appreciate that those months online potentially significantly altered the educational trajectory of their lives.

covid19 informazioni

In particular, given the notable deficits in teaching young children via video chat, it is likely that many more children today are not acquiring basic educational building blocks such as reading and early numeracy as they otherwise would have. Research has shown that the single best predictor of high school graduation is third grade reading. How many adults of the future will appreciate the role that the COVID pandemic during their youth had in their not graduating from high school as they endure the attendant financial and health consequences of not doing so?

covid19 informazioni

School-age children in Wuhan, China showed increases in depression and anxiety during the lockdown. Most of the public discourse and much of the published literature and media coverage assessing the effects of COVID focus on the health and economic implications for adults in the present, but the full measure of the effects of COVID on children will not be recognized so much today as it will 15 to 20 years from now. Notably and sadly, all of those effects will be felt more substantively by socially disadvantaged children and children of color, as their families have been disproportionally affected by the health and economic effects of COVID further compounding existing and persisting inequities.

JAMA Pediatrics has tried to do its part to advance current scientific understanding of COVID, and as of August 31, the journal has published 43 articles related to various aspects of the pandemic.

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With enormous amounts of scientific effort and perhaps some biological luck in finding an effective vaccine quickly, the immediate effects of COVID may soon be in the past, but the virus will leave a long trail.

Corresponding Author: Dimitri A. Conflict of Interest Disclosures: None reported. Conflicts of interest comprise financial interests, activities, and relationships within the past 3 years including but not limited to employment, affiliation, grants or funding, consultancies, honoraria or payment, speaker's bureaus, stock ownership or options, expert testimony, royalties, donation of medical equipment, or patents planned, pending, or issued.

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Coronavirus Resource Center. All Rights Reserved. Trending Writing Medicine Editorial. Save Preferences. Privacy Policy Terms of Use.The need for timely, accurate, and reliable data about the health of the US population has never been greater. Critical questions include the following: 1 how many individuals test positive for severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 SARS-CoV-2 and how many are affected by the disease it causes—novel coronavirus disease COVID in a given geographic area; 2 what are the age and race of these individuals; 3 how many people sought care at a health care facility; 4 how many were hospitalized; 5 within individual hospitals, how many patients required intensive care, received ventilator support, or died; and 6 what was the length of stay in the hospital and in the intensive care unit for patients who survived and for those who died.

COVID-19 and the Need for a National Health Information Technology Infrastructure

Because reporting is optional and partial reporting is allowed, it is unclear how many elements of the requested information are actually being collected and how they will be used. Although the US is one of the most technologically advanced societies in the world and one that spends the most money on health care, this approach illustrates the need for more effective solutions for gathering COVID data at a national level. The COVID pandemic should prompt questions about the basic notions, norms, and assumptions that have long governed health and health care of the US population.

Key information needed by the White House Task Force is only possible through widespread data collection, aggregation, and analysis. Most of these changes are technically possible but currently illegal or socially unacceptable. The US health system is unarguably overdue for a real-time, technology-driven, surveillance and reporting infrastructure to respond effectively to public health emergencies.

Pediatrics and COVID-19

Inan effort was made to design the National Health Information Infrastructure, a comprehensive, knowledge-based system capable of providing critical information to make sound decisions during emergencies. Such an infrastructure would involve a collection of interconnected health care nodes, with each node representing a health care organization using an electronic health record EHR. These nodes could be a private practice of 1 physician or a large medical center with thousands.

Creating such a virtual infrastructure is foundational to health of the nation. In addition, many state or regional health information exchanges HIEs can facilitate the collection, exchange, and analysis of clinical and administrative data between health care organizations and clinicians.

Although the infrastructure for robust and rapid information collection and exchange is available, many legal and social barriers must be overcome before the US can realize the full potential of this infrastructure. For example, many HIEs rely on an opt-in model of patient consent ie, each patient must agree to having their data from each visit shared before authorizing the exchange of data.

In other cases, health care organizations are reluctant to participate fully in these exchanges due to concerns about losing patients and the revenue stream attached to their care. Because of potential concerns related to privacy, the vast majority of HIEs do not retain copies of this information, which could be used to create a community-wide, longitudinal patient record.

In addition, Congress has prohibited HHS from funding the development or promotion of a national patient identifier since Taken together, these rules, regulations, and social norms make the widespread collection and exchange of patient information far less than optimal during normal times and totally ineffective during times of crisis. A national health IT infrastructure with a revised set of rules, regulations, and social norms could enable collection of real-time patient-level data from health care organizations across the US.

Having reliable clinical data from multiple sources that describe patients from every health care organization could be far more helpful in managing public health emergencies. First, the data from a national health IT infrastructure could efficiently generate more accurate estimates of real-time disease burden and need for resources, such as hospital personnel, personal protective equipment, intensive care unit beds, and ventilators.

Second, data from this infrastructure may be able to identify new and better therapies by comparing treatment outcomes based on patient- physician- and institution-specific factors. When needed, this information could help in allocating limited resources to areas of greatest need and treating patients with the greatest chance of survival.

Fourth, if the clinical data from the health IT infrastructure could be linked to cell phone—based location data, several critical interventions to control the pandemic could be possible. For instance, researchers in England recently developed a model that described how government health care workers could identify infected individuals and their recent contacts and isolate them until healthy.

Fifth, a recent US report proposes features and capabilities of a national surveillance system to mitigate the current COVID pandemic wave.Submission of a Travel Authorisation within 24 hours of your travel date will not be approved. It must be a PCR test. I live in Bermuda as a citizen, PRC or work permit holder:. Resident Travel Authorisation. Visitor Travel Authorisation. While the above protocols hopefully capture most of the information required, we always know there are specific circumstances that may arise.

For testing queries before departure, on arrival and on island visit: Testing FAQ's. For general queries on health insurance, travel to Bermuda and others visit: General Traveller Frequently Asked Questions.

Ministry of Health's Travel Advice for Residents. Safe Return to Work after Travel Guidance. Inbound Mariners Guidance. Guidance Superyachts and Other Vessels. Skip to main content. Government of Bermuda. Search form Search website. Contact Us. Our traveller protocols are designed to protect you and Bermuda. Travel Authorisation applications are vetted between 9 a.

If your Travel Authorisation is not approved before your flight, you cannot travel to Bermuda. Please complete the Travel Authorisation form carefully as there are no refunds.Sono in fase di sperimentazione oltre vaccini specifici per questa malattia, di cui:.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information for Travellers

Attualmente il trattamento consiste nell' isolare il paziente e nel gestire i sintomi clinici. Al giorno 10 ottobresono stati confermati I decessi sono stati segnalati nella Cina continentale, nelle Filippine, e a Hong Kong. Sebbene i virus respiratori siano trasmissibili solitamente quando il soggetto malato presenta anche i sintomi, sembrerebbe che il SARS-CoV-2 possa diffondersi anche in occasione di un contatto ravvicinato con un paziente asintomatico.

Tale valore indica il numero di altre persone a cui un paziente appena infetto possa trasmettere la malattia. Studi condotti prima dell'emergenza di SARS-CoV-2 hanno dimostrato che altri coronavirus possono essere eliminati nelle feci.

Ad ulteriore sostegno di questa ipotesi il caso dei malati di Covid nelle Isole Falklandun caso per certi versi simile a quello dei malati di " epidemia di spagnola " delle isole Samoa che come i primi non avrebbero avuto contatti con focolai esterni. Va rilevato che l'ipotesi del ricercatore viene contestata su altre fonti giornalistiche.

Diversi studi indicherebbero un ruolo dell'inquinamento atmosferico nella diffusione e nella persistenza del virus in sospensione nell'atmosfera. Il PM atmosferico faciliterebbe la sopravvivenza del virus nei flussi d'aria per ore o giorni.

Ricercatori italiani suggeriscono dell'esistenza di una relazione tra i superamenti dei limiti di legge delle concentrazioni di PM10 registrati nel periodo 10 Febbraio Febbraio e il numero di casi infetti dalla COVID aggiornati al 3 Marzo Le particelle fini, come PM2. Zona geografica dove per la sua topografia specifica e alle sue caratteristiche climatiche si produce abitualmente una cappa in cui sono intrappolati particolati fini.

Uno studio statunitense ha studiato se l'esposizione media a lungo termine al particolato fine PM 2. Inoltre ancora, il fatto che i lavoratori spesso nascondono i propri sintomi per paura di ritorsioni economiche favorirebbe la diffusione del virus, e ancora la presenza di molti stranieri che vivono spesso in situazioni ad alto rischio di contagio sociale. Per questi motivi si raccomanda di rafforzare le misure di controllo sugli ambienti e lavoratori e prevenzione veterinaria nei mattatoi.

I medici e gli studenti di medicina mostrano, rispetto altre categorie sociali, di aver maggiormente chiaro il ruolo del cambiamento climatico sulle diffusione delle epidemie. Tra gli inquinanti selezionati, le concentrazioni di PM 10 e PM 2. Analizzando rapporti di trasmissione secondaria associata a un evento specifico come un pranzo o una visita durante le vacanze, si rilevato che si sono verificate 48 infezioni secondarie tra partecipanti.

Supponendo che tutte queste infezioni secondarie siano state generate da un singolo caso primario. La prevenzione e la mitigazione dell'ESS dipende, in primo luogo, dal rapido riconoscimento e comprensione di questi eventi, in particolare all'interno delle strutture sanitarie. Il virus utilizza una speciale glicoproteina di superficie chiamata peplomero le spinule che gli conferiscono la caratteristica forma a corona solare per connettersi al recettore ACE2 ed entrare nella cellula ospite.

Gli esami istopatologici effettuati post mortem su campioni di tessuto polmonare hanno mostrato un danno alveolare diffuso con essudati di fibromixoidi cellulari in entrambi i polmoni. Sono stati osservati cambiamenti virali citopatici nei pneumociti.The coronavirus disease COVID pandemic has had a substantial effect on surgeons and patients who require surgical care. Providing care for patients with surgical disease requires a unique and intimate relationship between the patient and surgeon, and this interaction and contact cannot be replaced by telehealth.

As such, the surgical workforce has faced distinct challenges compared with nonsurgical specialties during the COVID pandemic. Specific issues include the best approach to protect health care personnel and the patient; the ability to efficiently regulate delivery of surgical care; the detrimental effects on patients with surgical disease; the financial implications of the pandemic on health care systems; the management of surgical workforce shortages; the implications for education, research, and career development; and the emotional toll to all involved.

First and foremost, to deliver surgical care, a healthy and functional surgical workforce is needed. This requires providing adequate protection for all health care personnel. In the beginning of the pandemic, the shortage of appropriate personal protective equipment PPE provided challenges to many health care systems.

Covid-19: l’epidemia di cattive informazioni

As supply chains and the availability of PPE have improved, so has the ability to protect the workforce. In the operating room, universal use of smoke evacuators to suction away the smoke plumes generated by electrocautery has been encouraged to minimize the risk of exposure to health care personnel of aerosolized tissue. Overall, it is imperative that universal pandemic precautions, including appropriate PPE, are observed whenever surgical care is delivered.

Operating on patients with either asymptomatic or symptomatic COVID increases the risk for perioperative morbidity and mortality. The odds for perioperative pulmonary complications also were significantly higher OR, To protect both patients and health care workers, many institutions are testing all patients for severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 SARS-CoV-2 prior to operations or other procedures.

At the University of North Carolina, data from an internal database show that the preoperative COVID positive testing rate has remained at approximately 0. This process protects the patient and the health care worker by avoiding unnecessary exposure to patients infected with SARS-CoV Another major challenge for surgery has been the need to effectively and safely stop nonurgent and nonemergency surgery.

With the ramp-down in the operating rooms, programs also need to restructure how personnel are deployed to deliver care to patients with COVID Several institutions have shared best practices on how to restructure surgical residency programs and provide care to patients with SARS-CoV-2 while minimizing risk to noninfected patients and other health care professionals. The need to resume and ramp-up surgical services has become imperative as PPE supplies have improved and testing has increased.

Nonurgent and nonemergency care has been delayed and has created a large backlog of patients who require surgical care. The effects on patients with cancer or chronic debilitating disease and patients awaiting organ transplant have yet to be defined. Thus, each institution needs to develop an algorithm to ramp surgical services up and down in a manner that is nimble and works within their local environment.

The financial implications of the surgical shutdown have been far-reaching. Many health care employees have been affected by pay cuts, furloughs, and layoffs. Surgical private practices that could not bear the financial challenges of the pandemic have been forced to shut down. Some surgeons have retired early or decided to leave the surgical profession. All of these problems further influence the surgical workforce in a time during which there is likely a greater need for surgical care.

International medical graduates encounter additional challenges with obtaining visas and being prevented from entering the US, which has further consequences for the surgical workforce in the US. Because surgical services are a foundational component of the health care system, providing surgical care in a manner that protects the patient and health care worker is imperative to the viability and solvency of health care institutions.Reliable answers and concrete information on how to protect yourself and help others.

Information for foreign care workers. Find out here what you as a careworker from abroad have to consider when crossing the border and how to protect yourself against infection with the novel coronavirus. Novel Coronavirus - Information and practical advice. Together with the Ethno-Medical Center e.

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Informieren Handeln. Information regarding Covid in Germany Reliable answers and concrete information on how to protect yourself and help others. Basic information on the coronavirus.

Recognizing symptoms and taking correct action. Information on testing. Organising everyday life.

covid19 informazioni

Information on daily life and family. Information for older persons. Information for young people. Information for health and nursing professions.

Information on the world of work. Mental health. Act and help. Information for foreign care workers Information for foreign care workers Find out here what you as a careworker from abroad have to consider when crossing the border and how to protect yourself against infection with the novel coronavirus.All the answers were simple to understand and the support agent always spoke in a polite way.

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